Auto Clave E9 Recorder-Never Used, Brand New In Box.

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Only used for display purpose on one occasion. Never plugged in or used in any way.


The new E9 Recorder has achieved an exceptionally high aesthetic level.

It takes just one glance to appreciate the harmony of the shapes and materials, the extraordinary quality of the materials and finishes along with the perfectly accurate couplings.

Even the more strictly operational details are characterised by an extremely eye-catching design.

The new front ventilation system, that sucks air in from below and then expelsit through the two invisible slots at thefront, guarantees its overall harmony and beauty.

The new front ventilation system has no side air vents, which means the unit can be recessed and flush-mounted on walls.


The luminous progress bar in the handle compartment is most attractive and useful for identifying the handle. Furthermore, it also changes colour throughout the sterilisation cycle so users can check the procedure at a glance.

The state-of-the-art 65 thousand-colour E-touch display is the perfect size to ensure correct display of data and uses special user-friendly icons that highlight each stage of the sterilising cycle and the tests available, assisting the user in performing everyday sterilising operations.

The E-Touch display uses touch screen technology and is extremely easy to use.

The exclusive E-help function also helps you select the right cycle according to the load type being sterilised. E-Help displays the content to be inserted in the chamber to make selecting the cycle easier and eliminate the possibility of errors.


Class B autoclave, conforming to EN 13060 requirements, manages 5 type B cycles (121°, 134°, 134° Rapid, 134° Prion, 134° Prion Rapid) and three test cycles (Vacuum, Helix, Bowie & Dick) for effective sterilisation, in complete safety conditions for you and your patients.

The new E9 Recorder guarantees optimisation of water (< 300 ml) and electricity (2,300 W) consumptions and allows you to exploit each cycle to the maximum, using five trays and three containers.

The brand new Dirt Control System allows the dirt to flow out of the hydraulic system directly into the used water tank, allowing the machine to operate in conditions which are not always ideal and increase its working life.

The new steam generator instantly produces steam that is channelled into the sterilisation chamber, optimising water consumptions according to the load, reducing sterilisation times and boosting the quality of the generated steam.

The unified Valves Block system generates substantial savings of time and consumptions, making the machine even more eco-friendly and attentive to the requirements of individual surgeries.

The air-water separator device, designed and built-into the tank unit, is a real "life-saver" for the vacuum pump as it allows operators to work in ideal conditions whilst guaranteeing efficiency and a longer working life.

The innovative air ventilation system greatly reduces noise to a mere whisper.

All components are Made in EU and all details are built to last.

The adhesive labels can be positioned on the sterilised bags to guarantee traceability of the sterilised instruments from each individual bag used on patients.

The new E9 Recorder also has an SD card data storage system that allows the transfer of data from the SD card directly to the computer without connecting other devices by simply removing the SD card from the new E9 Recorder and inserting it in the PC.

The new E9 Recorder also has an Ethernet connection socket that allows operators to connect the autoclave to the studio's internal network to ensure instant archiving of sterilisation cycle data directly to the PC.


The system used to open and access the tank compartment is extremely quick and easy, making cleaning operations quick and easy even for novices, whilst guaranteeing safe sterilisation that remains effective over time.

The autoclave's modular structure makes it extremely easy to access all internal parts. The latest generation plastic side panels are easy to open, along with the rear panel which is fastened to the unit in just a few points. This reduces technical intervention times and maintenance costs to an exceptionally low level.

The arrangement of the components and logic layout of the same make maintenance even easier.

Technical Data

Overall Dimensions 460 x 455 x 610mm (LxHxD)

Weight (machine empty with basket & trays) 43Kg

Power Supply 230 V 50/60 Hz

Absorbed Current (output) 2300 W 10A

Minimum Depth of Support Surface 500mm

Minimum Width of Support Surface 460mm

Chamber Measurements & Volume 250x340mm ØxP

Dimension & Volume 180 x 280 x 160 mm LxPxH

Water Consumption Volume 300 ml

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