Cyto (Purple Lid)

Purple lidded sharps bins are used for the disposal of sharp implements used in the administration of Cytotoxic & Cytostatic drugs which are used in the care of cancer patients.

They however are also used by facial aesthestic professionals, Very popular in Dental Practices, Botox & Dermal fillers are classed as a living organism and therefore should be destroyed by incineration. 

As these procedures are done by injections 99% of the "waste" is in the syringe but there are PPE items used in the application of this process along with tissue or cotton wool balls.

For the disposal of the PPE etc a yellow bag with a purple stripe on it should be used as this defines the waste in the bag as being for incineration only. 

Colour-coded with a purple lid, handle and label, it can be safely transported for incineration after closure.

All sharps bins should be sent for destruction 3 months after the first item has been dropped in them.

Cyto (Purple Lid)
Sharpes Bin Purple Lid 1Ltr

Sharpes Bin Purple Lid 1Ltr

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