Wheelie Bin


Wheelie bins come in a few sizes but the most common are

240Ltr, 360Ltr, 770Ltr and 1000Ltr. 

Why do we use wheelie bins.

Offensive, Clinical/ Medical and incineration waste should only be stored in a lockable receptacle that is rodent proof. This means that sheds, garages, bunkers and any other "container" in a garden or basement that doesn't have protection from rodents should not be used and a wheelie bin will allow this crtieria to be met.

If you have a wheelie bin it must not only be lockable but yellow is the chosen colour to identify the waste in the bins as Offensive, Clinical or Medical.

We offer 2 types of service

Wheelie Bin Rental       The wheelie bin would usually be used by a business as a storage point for their waste as they either don't have the space or don't want the waste in the premises between collections due to its manner or smell.

Wheelie "top hat" service    Our charge for this service includes the bin rental, collection and disposal of the waste so an "all in" price per service. This service is usually taken up by business's that don't have fluctuations in amount disposed of i.e Nurseries and Nursing/ Care homes.

Please contact us for a quote on the service or rental of a wheelie bin.

Wheelie Bin