Fluoresent Tube Recycling

Recycling Fluorescent Tubes and Bulbs is as important as recycling Amalgam. Both these products have Mercury in them that must not be allowed to get into the atmosphere of ground.

Here at Professional Hygiene we offer 2 options for our customers.

 1. We will collect larger quantities of tubes and bulbs using a Recycling “Coffin” for sites that produce over 100 tubes to dispose of.

2. We will collect smaller quantities, including individual tubes, on an adhoc collection service.


How it works

 Coffin: We will supply you with a coffin that must be stored in a safe place and tubes can be placed in it when required.

 Individual tubes: Keep the tubes safely stored so not to break them. When you have multiple tubes these can be taped together for strength

 Ring us when you need a collection. They are returned to our waste transfer station and stored until transported to for recycling.




Fluoresent Tube Recycling
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