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What is fogging & where can it be used?

Fogging is the simplest method to sanitise and disinfect an area where bacteria and viruses can be passed between humans. 

Places where people gather in groups regularly obviously attract bacteria that can spread quickly.

Areas such as Offices, Shops, Pubs, Clubs, Libraries, Washrooms, Warehouses, Factories, Cars, Vans and Trucks are just some quick examples and I am sure you can think of others, the list is endless.

It is great in high risk areas such as Care homes, Hospitals, Nurseries and schools, . Our treatment kills the bacteria that causes nasty smells and works on blood, urine, sickness and faeces.

How does it work?

By Using a ULV fogging machine, in addition to manual cleaning, disinfectant is more comprehensively delivered across a range of surfaces and materials including textiles, thus ensuring a higher efficacy of disinfection.

Our Disinfection Fogging Service uses ULV/Fogging machines which allows disinfectant to be passed through the unit, which generates an airborne mist of    micro-droplets.  

The key to successful use of ULV is the production of an optimum size of spray droplet. It must be small enough to remain airborne without being too small to hit surfaces – research has shown the optimum droplet size to be around 15 microns. These droplets are small enough to be carried on air currents into small cracks and crevices that are hard to reach using conventional cleaning and spraying, yet still heavy enough to settle out within an hour, so that treated areas can be         re-entered with the minimum of delay.

This service is available from a third party we work closely with. They can offer a routine service i.e. monthly or we can react to emergency situations i.e. outbreak of vomiting.

All their staff are:

Fully Trained, Experienced Technicians
Nationwide Coverage
Full Certification Provided








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