Dental Waste Service

(Orange Bags)

What constitutes clinical waste in a dental practice surgery.

The most common items are Gloves, Masks, Aprons,Cotton Packing, Bibs, Tissues, Drinking Cups & towels. Any disposable item used in the course of dental treatment.

Apart from all the reusable items that will need to go to the Decon room for sterilising the only 3 things that should come out of the surgery, the Dentist, Nurse and the patient.

During any waste training session, see waste training section for further details, we hold there is always a debate on what is and isn't clinical waste in a surgery. The rule of thumb is that if it is used in a surgery then as it is in an aerosol zone it must be put in the orange bag for disposal. This will include paper towels, plastic cups, empty glove & tissue boxes. Whilst all the items mentioned, if they were in the reception, staff room or toilet would all be able to go in the general waste or recycling, in a surgery they are clinical waste as they will probably have been at some point in the aerosol zone.

I have been told that this is a reus to just make more money out of dentists but logic tells you that it is correct to put that waste in the clinical bin.

If you look at it logically the cabinetry and dental chair should all be disposed of as clinical waste as those items have been amongst the aerosols for the longest time of all.

It is vital for any organisation that produces Hazardous Waste to mangage it in the correct and proper manner, due to strict legislation in place to prevent harm being caused to staff, patients, waste collectors, human health and to the environment.


Dental Waste Service